The runners from Notre Dame Academy and St. Francis de Sales were tops in the field as they won the TRAC’s first cross country championships held Saturday, October 15 at Pearson Park.  Notre Dame’s Lexi Aughenbaugh and Kyle Lach of St. Francis were the top runners in their divisions and led their teams the championships.

Lach, a junior, won the boy’s division with a time of 16:12.7, finishing more than 10 seconds in front of runner up and teammate David St. John.  Senior Aughenbaugh took first in the girl’s division with a time of 18:50.2, topping teammate Francesca Veluscek by just over 11 seconds.

See the Toledo Blade story and photos HERE.

TRAC Championships


Team Standings: 1. St. Francis 35; Findlay 63; 3. St. John’s 71; 4. Fremont Ross 125; 5. Central Catholic 124; 6. Clay 130; 7. Whitmer 148.

First Team All-conference:  Kyle Lach (SF), David St. John (SF), Jacob Mills (SJ), Shad Risser (Findlay), Thomas Gibbons (Clay), Drew Savage (SJ).  Second Team All-conference: Ryan Whalen (Findlay), Daniel Siebenaller (SF), Jimmy Roche (Findlay), Anthony Maraldo (SF), Daniel Lenart (SF), Charles Gibbons (CC), Chris Schenk (SF).


Team Standings: 1. Notre Dame 24; 2. St. Ursula 67; 3. Whitmer 93; 4. Clay 96; 5. Findlay 119; 6. Fremont Ross 134; 7. Central Catholic 184; 8. Lima Senior 243.

First Team All-conference: Lexi Aughenbaugh (ND), Francesca Veluscek (ND), Erin Gyurke (Clay), Sarah Mallow (ND), Alex Selee (Clay), Danielle Szczesniak (SU), Taryn Pavain (SU), Second Team All-conference: Lindsey Myers (ND), Cortney Haubert5 (ND), Madeleine Hamel (Whitmer), Torey Loeb (ND), Sarah Barwig (Findlay), Faye Sioma (FR), Sara Plott (Findlay).