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Address: 5601 Clegg Dr, Toledo, OH 43613-2022
Principal: Kristine Martin | Office Phone: 419-473-8460
Athletic Director: Tom Snook | Office Phone: 419-473-8349 | Email

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Whitmer TRAC Championships

Baseball (0): none
Boys Basketball (1): 19
Girls Basketball (0): none
Boys Cross Country (2): 18, 17
Girls Cross Country (0): none
Football (2): 17, 12
Boys Golf (0): none
Girls Golf (0): none
Gymnastics (0): none
Boys Soccer (0): none
Girls Soccer (0): none
Boys Swimming & Diving (0): none
Girls Swimming & Diving (0): none
Softball (2): 19, 18
Boys Tennis (0): none
Girls Tennis (0): none
Boys Track & Field (6): 19, 18, 17, 14, 13, 12
Girls Track & Field (0): none
Volleyball (0): none
Wrestling (0): none

Whitmer State Appearances

State Championships

State Runner-Up
2012 Football Division I State Runner-Up
2012 Boys Basketball Division I State Runner-Up

State Semifinalists
2011 Football Division I State Semifinalist (vacated)
2010 Football Division I State Semifinalist
2008 Boys Basketball Division I State Semifinalist
1988 Football State Semifinalist
1987 Football State Semifinalist
1987 Boys Basketball State Semifinalist
1979 Football State Semifinalist
1931 Boys Basketball State Semifinalist

State Championships (Individual)

Whitmer News & Scores

2021 OHSAA Girls Basketball Tournament Brackets

Division I
Millbury District
Clay, Fremont Ross, Notre Dame Academy, St. Ursula Academy, Whitmer

Toledo District
Findlay, Lima Senior

Division II
Paulding District
Central Catholic

2021 TRAC Swimming & Diving Championships

2021 TRAC Swimming & Diving Championships at Fremont Ross
1. St. Francis de Sales 718, 2. Findlay 455, 3. Fremont Ross 426.5, 4. St. John’s Jesuit 312, 5. Clay 153, 6. Whitmer 63, 7. Lima Senior 29.5

1. St. Ursula Academy 624.5, 2. Fremont Ross 471, 3. Notre Dame Academy 427, 4. Findlay 332.5, 5. Clay 162.5, 6. Lima Senior 90.5, 7. Central Catholic 39, 8. Whitmer 27

TRAC Individual Champions:
200 Yard Medley Relay: St. John’s Jesuit (Austin Reed/Jack Van Cott/Jaden Brookens/Joshua Van Cott)
200 Yard Freestyle: Conner Colston, Fremont Ross
200 Yard IM: John Burnard, St. Francis de Sales
50 Yard Freestyle: Selby Wilt, Findlay
1 mtr Diving: Thomas Stevens, St. Francis de Sales
100 Yard Butterfly: Scotty Buff, St. Francis de Sales
100 Yard Freestyle: Spencer Wilson, St. Francis de Sales
500 Yard Freestyle: Conner Colston, Fremont Ross
200 Yard Freestyle Relay: St. Francis de Sales (Scotty Buff/Tristan Lee/Kyle Fulton/Spencer Wilson)
100 Yard Backstroke: Scotty Buff, St. Francis de Sales
100 Yard Breaststroke: Jack Van Cott, St. John’s Jesuit
400 Yard Freestyle Relay: St. Francis de Sales (Spencer Wilson/John Burnard/Kyle Fulton/Scotty Buff)

200 Yard Medley Relay: St. Ursula Academy (Mia Cheatwood/Corinne Staneart/Maggie Grespin/Molly Dynda)
200 Yard Freestyle: Kaylee Szymanski, Notre Dame Academy
200 Yard IM: Paige Chaffee, Notre Dame Academy
50 Yard Freestyle: Molly Dynda, St. Ursula Academy
1 mtr Diving: Katherine Stapleton, Notre Dame Academy
100 Yard Butterfly: Corinne Staneart, St. Ursula Academy
100 Yard Freestyle: Mia Cheatwood, St. Ursula Academy
500 Yard Freestyle: Kaylee Szymanski, Notre Dame Academy
200 Yard Freestyle Relay: St. Ursula Academy (Lexi Gilley/Caitlin Heinze/Corinne Staneart/Molly Dynda)
100 Yard Backstroke: Mia Cheatwood, St. Ursula Academy
100 Yard Breaststroke: Maddie Gallagher, Fremont Ross
400 Yard Freestyle Relay: St. Ursula Academy (Anna Harms/Lexi Gilley/Delaney Heinze/Mia Cheatwood)

Revised TRAC Boys & Girls Basketball 2020-21 Schedules Released

The TRAC released the revised 2020-21 boys & girls basketball schedules.

2020 Boys Basketball Revised

Final Approved 12/15/2020

2020-21 Boys Basketball Schedule(Revised)

DateDay HomeVisitor
12/3ThursdaySt. Francis de SalesCentral Catholic
12/22TuesdayFindlayFremont Ross
1/5TuesdayLima SeniorFremont Ross
1/8FridayFindlayLima Senior
1/19TuesdayFindlayCentral Catholic
1/19TuesdaySt. John's JesuitFremont Ross
1/19TuesdaySt. Francis de SalesLima Senior
1/22FridayFremont RossCentral Catholic
1/22FridayWhitmerSt. Francis de Sales
1/22FridayLima SeniorSt. John's Jesuit
1/26TuesdayCentral CatholicSt. John's Jesuit
1/26TuesdayClayLima Senior
1/26TuesdaySt. Francis de SalesFremont Ross
1/29FridaySt. Francis de SalesFindlay
1/29FridaySt. John's JesuitClay
1/29FridayWhitmerCentral Catholic
2/2TuesdayFremont RossWhitmer
2/2TuesdayCentral CatholicClay
2/5FridayClaySt. Francis de Sales
2/5FridayCentral CatholicLima Senior
2/5FridayWhitmerSt. John's Jesuit
2/9TuesdayFindlaySt. John's Jesuit
2/9TuesdayLima SeniorWhitmer
2/9TuesdayFremont RossClay

2020 Girls Basketball (Revised)

Final Approved 12/15/2020

2020-21 Girls Basketball Schedule(Revised)

DateDay HomeVisitor
11/30MondayLima SeniorClay
11/30MondayCentral CatholicFindlay
11/30MondayWhitmerFremont Ross
12/3ThursdayLima SeniorFindlay
12/3ThursdayClayNotre Dame Academy
12/3ThursdayCentral CatholicFremont Ross
12/3ThursdayWhitmerSt. Ursula Academy
12/10ThursdayFremont RossFindlay
12/14MondayFremont RossLima Senior
1/21ThursdayNotre Dame AcademyLima Senior
1/21ThursdaySt. Ursula AcademyCentral Catholic
1/23SaturdaySt. Ursula AcademyNotre Dame Academy
1/25MondayWhitmerNotre Dame Academy
1/25MondayFindlaySt. Ursula Academy
1/25MondayCentral CatholicClay
1/28ThursdayLima SeniorWhitmer
1/28ThursdayFremont RossSt. Ursula Academy
1/30SaturdayNotre Dame AcademyCentral Catholic
2/1MondaySt. Ursula AcademyLima Senior
2/1MondayCentral CatholicWhitmer
2/1MondayClay Fremont Ross
2/1MondayFindlayNotre Dame Academy
2/4ThursdayLima SeniorCentral Catholic
2/4ThursdaySt. Ursula AcademyClay
2/4ThursdayNotre Dame AcademyFremont Ross

TRAC Press Release on Winter Sports

For Immediate Release:

On Wednesday, December 9, 2020 The Three Rivers Athletic Conference (TRAC) Executive Board voted unanimously to approve the recommendation of the Conference’s Athletic Directors (unanimously approved on 12/2/2020) the following:

The TRAC will not allow Conference contests during restrictions set forth by Local Health Departments that address the use of indoor school facilities (ex: Lucas Cty’s restriction of no indoor school facility use between December 4, 2020 and January 10, 2021). The postponements of the TRAC contests are for both home and away and only for schools within that jurisdiction.

Also, the Executive Board approved that the 2020-2021 Girls and Boys Basketball Conference Schedule will be revised to a single-round robin format. All authorized Conference contests played prior to the approved date will count as part of the revised single round robin format.

A new schedule will be released in the near future.



Mike Richards, Commissioner


12/10 TRAC Girls Basketball Scores

Central Catholic at St. Ursula Academy (ppd)
Whitmer at Clay (ppd)
Fremont Ross 49 Findlay 37
Notre Dame Academy at Lima Senior (ppd)

Marion Local 69 Lima Senior 30

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