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Address: 1100 North Street, Fremont, OH 43420-1132
Principal: Brian Zeller | Office Phone: 419-332-8221
Athletic Director: Chad Berndt | Office Phone: 419-332-6462 | Email

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Fremont Ross TRAC Championships

Baseball (0): none
Boys Basketball (0): none
Girls Basketball (0): none
Boys Cross Country (0): none
Girls Cross Country (0): none
Football (0): none
Boys Golf (0): none
Girls Golf (0): none
Gymnastics (0): none
Boys Soccer (0): none
Girls Soccer (0): none
Boys Swimming & Diving (0): none
Girls Swimming & Diving (3): 16, 14, 13
Softball (0): none
Boys Tennis (0): none
Girls Tennis (0): none
Boys Track & Field (0): none
Girls Track & Field (1): 19
Volleyball (0): none
Wrestling (1): 17

Fremont Ross State Appearances

State Championships
1973 Boys Golf State Champions
1953 Boys Swimming & Diving State Champions
1943 Boys Swimming & Diving State Champions
1942 Boys Swimming & Diving State Champions
1941 Boys Swimming & Diving State Champions
1939 Boys Swimming & Diving State Champions
1938 Boys Swimming & Diving State Champions
1936 Boys Swimming & Diving State Champions

State Runner-Up
1952 Boys Swimming & Diving State Runner-Up
1950 Boys Swimming & Diving State Runner-Up
1949 Boys Swimming & Diving State Runner-Up
1940 Boys Swimming & Diving State Runner-Up
1937 Boys Swimming & Diving State Runner-Up

State Semifinalists

Fremont Ross News & Scores

Revised TRAC Boys & Girls Basketball 2020-21 Schedules Released

The TRAC released the revised 2020-21 boys & girls basketball schedules.

2020 Boys Basketball Revised

Final Approved 12/15/2020

2020-21 Boys Basketball Schedule(Revised)

DateDay HomeVisitor
12/3ThursdaySt. Francis de SalesCentral Catholic
12/22TuesdayFindlayFremont Ross
1/5TuesdayLima SeniorFremont Ross
1/8FridayFindlayLima Senior
1/19TuesdayFindlayCentral Catholic
1/19TuesdaySt. John's JesuitFremont Ross
1/19TuesdaySt. Francis de SalesLima Senior
1/22FridayFremont RossCentral Catholic
1/22FridayWhitmerSt. Francis de Sales
1/22FridayLima SeniorSt. John's Jesuit
1/26TuesdayCentral CatholicSt. John's Jesuit
1/26TuesdayClayLima Senior
1/26TuesdaySt. Francis de SalesFremont Ross
1/29FridaySt. Francis de SalesFindlay
1/29FridaySt. John's JesuitClay
1/29FridayWhitmerCentral Catholic
2/2TuesdayFremont RossWhitmer
2/2TuesdayCentral CatholicClay
2/5FridayClaySt. Francis de Sales
2/5FridayCentral CatholicLima Senior
2/5FridayWhitmerSt. John's Jesuit
2/9TuesdayFindlaySt. John's Jesuit
2/9TuesdayLima SeniorWhitmer
2/9TuesdayFremont RossClay

2020 Girls Basketball (Revised)

Final Approved 12/15/2020

2020-21 Girls Basketball Schedule(Revised)

DateDay HomeVisitor
11/30MondayLima SeniorClay
11/30MondayCentral CatholicFindlay
11/30MondayWhitmerFremont Ross
12/3ThursdayLima SeniorFindlay
12/3ThursdayClayNotre Dame Academy
12/3ThursdayCentral CatholicFremont Ross
12/3ThursdayWhitmerSt. Ursula Academy
12/10ThursdayFremont RossFindlay
12/14MondayFremont RossLima Senior
1/21ThursdayNotre Dame AcademyLima Senior
1/21ThursdaySt. Ursula AcademyCentral Catholic
1/23SaturdaySt. Ursula AcademyNotre Dame Academy
1/25MondayWhitmerNotre Dame Academy
1/25MondayFindlaySt. Ursula Academy
1/25MondayCentral CatholicClay
1/28ThursdayLima SeniorWhitmer
1/28ThursdayFremont RossSt. Ursula Academy
1/30SaturdayNotre Dame AcademyCentral Catholic
2/1MondaySt. Ursula AcademyLima Senior
2/1MondayCentral CatholicWhitmer
2/1MondayClay Fremont Ross
2/1MondayFindlayNotre Dame Academy
2/4ThursdayLima SeniorCentral Catholic
2/4ThursdaySt. Ursula AcademyClay
2/4ThursdayNotre Dame AcademyFremont Ross


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