Girls Track and Field:  TRAC All-Conference Teams

The 2013 TRAC All-Conference teams for girls track and field have been announced.  Erin Gyurke of Clay was named the TRAC Track Athlete  of the Year.   Ariana Spencer of Fremont Ross and Alaya Hayes of Whitmer were named as co-recipients for the Field Athlete of the Year award.  Clay head coach Scott Wamer was selected as the winner of the Coach of the Year award.

A student-athlete earns all-conference status based on their performance.  In order for an athlete to be named to the all-conference first team she must have placed first in an event during the conference championships.  Selection to the second team all-conference requires a second place finish.  A third place finish earns the athlete honorable mention all-conference status.  If the athlete places in multiple events, she is named to the appropriate team based on her highest place finish.

Track Athlete of the Year:  Erin Gyurke, Junior – Clay

Field Athlete of the Year:  Ariana Spencer, Senior – Fremont and Alaya Hayes, Junior – Whitmer

Coach of the Year:  Scott Wamer – Clay

First Team

  • Emily Durbak, Senior – Central Catholic
  • AuJanae Mack, Junior – Central Catholic
  • Kiana McClendon, Junior – Central Catholic
  • Alexis Truss, Sophomore – Central Catholic
  • Jhameria Hooks, Freshman – Central Catholic
  • Megan Hanenkrath, Freshman – Central Catholic
  • Alyssa Galernik, Freshman – Central Catholic
  • Erin Gyurke, Junior – Clay
  • Emilie Roman, Junior – Clay
  • Nicole Breeden, Senior – Clay
  • Grace Winckowski, Sophomore – Clay
  • Haley Hess, Freshman – Clay
  • Hannah Hess, Freshman – Clay
  • Ariana Spencer, Senior – Fremont Ross
  • Jasmine Garrett, Junior – Notre Dame Academy
  • Madison Krischak, Senior – Notre Dame Academy
  • Chantalia Young, Junior – Notre Dame Academy
  • Kayla Preston, Freshman – Notre Dame Academy
  • Safiya Dzotsi, Freshman – Notre Dame Academy
  • Avery Murnen, Senior – Whitmer
  • Alaya Hayes, Junior – Whitmer
  • Kaitlyn Barber, Junior – Whitmer


Second Team

  • Jenifer Vliet, Senior – Central Catholic
  • Haley Hass, Junior – Findlay
  • Cassie Woleslagel, Junior – Fremont Ross
  • Mariah Mathews, Junior – Fremont Ross
  • Nacaila Roberts, Sophomore – Fremont Ross
  • Elayna Ackerman, Freshman – Fremont Ross
  • Hannah Saba, Senior – Notre Dame Academy
  • Ray ‘Chel Wilson, Sophomore – Notre Dame Academy
  • Erin Schaefer, Sophomore – Notre Dame Academy
  • Jillian Schaefer, Freshman – Notre Dame Academy
  • Stephanie Sherman, Freshman – Notre Dame Academy
  • TiTyana Gardner, Junior – Whitmer 
  • Julia Kimmel, Freshman- Whitmer 


Honorable Mention

  • Kala Dotson, Freshman – Central Catholic
  • Patricia Barreto, Sophomore – Findlay
  • Abbi Hasselbach, Junior – Fremont Ross
  • Cassidi Lovell, Freshman – Fremont Ross
  • London Williams, Junior – Lima Senior
  • Lindsey Myers, Senior – Notre Dame Academy
  • Alexa Urbanski, Junior – Notre Dame Academy
  • Kirsten Harder, Junior – Notre Dame Academy
  • Alison Connelly, Junior – Notre Dame Academy
  • Abby Dorn, Freshman – Whitmer