2012 TRAC Boys & Girls Swimming & Diving All-Conference Teams

St. Francis de Sales and St. Ursula Academy led the first-team selections for the 2012 all-conference boys and girls swimming and diving teams.  St. Francis has 15 first-team selections and the swimmer and diver of the year.  St. Ursula has seven first-teamers and the co-swimmer of th year.

Dan DiSalle is the boys swimmer-of-the-year and Mike Minor is the diver-of-the-year.  The Knights’ Keith Kennedy is coach-of-the-year.

Boys All-Conference Team

1st Team All Conference

Kyle Hopkins – Findlay

Dietrich Hinesman – Findlay

Jeremy Wilson – Findlay

Aaron Miller – Findlay

Nick Topel – Findlay

Graham Moor – Fremont

Mike Minor – St. Francis

Evan Williams – St. Francis

D J MacDonald – St. Francis

Ben Gordon – St. Francis

Connor Aossey – St. Francis

Nick Birkemeier – St. Francis

Matt Gustafson – St. Francis

Jack DiSalle – St. Francis

Nick Brodie – St. Francis

Matt Zimmerman – St. Francis

Dan DiSalle – St. Francis

Connor Trimble – St. Francis

John Booth – St. Francis

Jack Barone – St. Francis

Christian Sobczak – St. Francis

Mitchell Layman – St. John’s

2nd Team All Conference

Nick Kinn – Findlay

Phillip Miller – Findlay

Keith Wasserman – Fremont

Bobby Carnicom – Fremont

Christopher Hoffman – Fremont

Matthew Evola – St. Francis

Solanus De la Serna – St. John’s

Adam Smale – St. John’s

Nate Baird – St. John’s

Eric Hipp – St. John’s

Mickey McGoldrick – St. John’s

Chase Cowell – St. John’s

Austin Lazenby – St. John’s

Honorable Mention

Austin Axe – Central Catholic

Caleb Aho – Findlay

Ross Stansbery – Findlay

Graham Copus – Findlay

David Jorge – Findlay

Matt Price – Findlay

Brett Foos – Fremont

Scott Kosakowski – Fremont

Warren Lee – St. Francis

Austin Carter – St. Francis

Trevin Brown – St. John’s

Grant Lazenby – St. John’s

Ian Baird – St. John’s

Rachael Dzierzak of Notre Dame Academy and Zhada Fields of St. Ursula are the co-swimmers of the year.  Clay’s Megan Siford is the diver-of-the-year.  Rick Szepenski of St. Ursula is coach-of-the-year.

Girls All-Conference Team

1st Team All Conference

Megan Siford – Clay

Bethany Glick – Findlay

Haley Fisher – Fremont

Laura Duncan – Fremont

Sammi Miller – Fremont

Megan Hawk – Fremont

Lindsey Myers – Notre Dame

Rachael Dzierzak – Notre Dame

Alex Smale – Notre Dame

Ali Sellick – Notre Dame

Kayla Lehman – Notre Dame

Emmy Sehmann – St. Ursula

Mikayla Murphy – St. Ursula

Zhada Fields – St. Ursula

Alex Grzeszczak – St. Ursula

Janet Stengle – St. Ursula

Adrienne Kinor – St. Ursula

Allison Kinor – St. Ursula

Kristin Filby – Whitmer

2nd Team All Conference

Nickiti Koszycki – Central Catholic

Kyah Fleckner – Findlay

Mackenzie Evans – Findlay

Octavia Homka – Findlay

Ashley Lewis – Findlay

Tiffany Gerken – Findlay

Jasmine Wright – Findlay

Audrey Miller – Findlay

Hannah McClelland – Findlay

Holly Phillips – Fremont

Danielle Minier – Fremont

Alesha Overmyer – Fremont

Emily Moyer – Fremont

Madison Katich – Notre Dame

Avery Smale – Notre Dame

Mikayla Sprague – St. Ursula

Missy Lankard – St. Ursula

Honorable Mention

Erinn Kaucher – Central Catholic

Theresa Koszycki – Central Catholic

Morgan Mosiniak – Clay

Paige Ozanski – Clay

Summer Dwyer – Clay

Julia Zelinsky – Findlay

Rachel Zelinsky – Findlay

Erin Dougherty – Findlay

Taylor Wilson – Notre Dame

Paige Kasper – Notre Dame

Emily Norton – Notre Dame

Ellie Struble – St. Ursula

Gabby Mancy – St. Ursula

Nadia Ayad – St. Ursula

Catherine DiSalle – St. Ursula

Morgan Finn – St. Ursula

Kennedy Bohm – St. Ursula