12/19 TRAC Boys Basketball Scores

trac_boysbasketball_150St. Francis de Sales 49 Clay 20
Findlay 52 Fremont Ross 39
Whitmer 59 St. John’s Jesuit 50

12/18 TRAC Girls Basketball Scores

trac_girlsbasketball_150Central Catholic 51 Whitmer 45
Clay 56 Fremont Ross 32
Lima Senior 64 St. Ursula Academy 45

12/18 Swimming & Diving Results

trac_swimming_150Fremont Ross at Port Clinton
Lima Senior/Lima Central Catholic at Bryan

12/16 Girls Basketball Scores

trac_girlsbasketball_150Clay 47 Toledo Start 42
Columbian 42 Fremont Ross 33

12/15 Wrestling Results

trac_wrestling_150St. John’s Jesuit 61, Findlay 15
220: Branden Jackson (SJJ) over Loren Charles (FIND) (Fall 3:06)
285: Mathew Padanilam (SJJ) over   (FIND) (For.)
106: Boston Dubocq (FIND) over Timothy Marshall (SJJ) (Dec 14-8)
113: Jeff Williams (SJJ) over   (FIND) (For.)
120: Trevin Dickerson (SJJ) over Liam  Morrison (FIND) (Fall 3:52)
126: James Turner (SJJ) over Joey Staschiak (FIND) (MD 14-1)
132: Justin Jolliff (FIND) over Brendon O`Brien (SJJ) (Fall 1:27)
138: Rick Currey (SJJ) over Paul Singh (FIND) (Dec 4-1)
145: Ryan Almester (SJJ) over Josiah Maclin (FIND) (Fall 1:23)
152: James Staschiak (FIND) over AJ Savona (SJJ) (Fall 5:03)
160: Ivol Caudill (SJJ) over Derek Peters (FIND) (Fall 1:32)
170: Dick Anderson (SJJ) over Chase Owen (FIND) (Fall 1:24)
182: Drake Stolar (SJJ) over Aaron Kupferberg (FIND) (Fall 5:36)
195: Hunter Baum (SJJ) over Thomas Loarca (FIND) (Fall 1:16)
Complete Results

12/13 Boys Basketball Scores

trac_boysbasketball_150Springfield 43 Findlay 29
Lima Senior 76 Celina 73

12/13 Girls Basketball Scores

trac_girlsbasketball_150Findlay 52 Defiance 50
St. Ursula Academy 55 Scott 38

12/13 Swimming & Diving Results

trac_swimming_150Wildcat Invitational
Girls (19 teams)
12. Central Catholic 43

A Behr Invitational
Lima Senior

12/13 Wrestling Results

trac_wrestling_150Walsh Jesuit Ironman Invitational

Holiday Wrestling Invitational
Fremont Ross

Buckeye Central Wrestling Invitational
Lima Senior

Golden Bear Invitational
St. Francis de Sales

12/12 TRAC Boys Basketball Scores

trac_boysbasketball_150Findlay 64 Clay 23
St. John’s Jesuit 82 Lima Senior 79, OT
St. Francis de Sales 68 Whitmer 62

12/11 TRAC Girls Basketball Scores

trac_girlsbasketball_150Notre Dame Academy 49 Central Catholic 43
Clay 61 Findlay 46
St. Ursula Academy 52 Fremont Ross 46
Whitmer 64 Lima Senior 57

12/10 Wrestling Results

trac_wrestling_150St. John’s Jesuit 47, Whitmer 26
106: Timothy Marshall (SJJ) over Christopher Brown (WHIT) (Dec 16-14)
113: Jeff Williams (SJJ) over Angel Parraz (WHIT) (Fall 0:59)
120: Noah Wolfe (WHIT) over Trevin Dickerson (SJJ) (Fall 5:40)
126: James Turner (SJJ) over Nate Cousino (WHIT) (TF 16-1 5:45)
132: Brendon O`Brien (SJJ) over Keavon Thomas (WHIT) (Fall 1:06)
138: Rick Currey (SJJ) over Johnathan Wilburn (WHIT) (Dec 7-5)
145: Ryan Almester (SJJ) over Noah Wormsley (WHIT) (Fall 3:33)
152: Matthew Tonnes (WHIT) over AJ Savona (SJJ) (TF 15-0 5:30)
160: Ivol Caudill (SJJ) over Chandler Lewis (WHIT) (Fall 0:45)
170: Kyle Kelley (SJJ) over   (WHIT) (For.)
182: Andrew Jewell (SJJ) over   (WHIT) (For.)
195: Kyle Walsh (WHIT) over Hunter Baum (SJJ) (Fall 5:00)
220: Jordan Walsh (WHIT) over Branden Jackson (SJJ) (Dec 4-3)
285: Brett Seymour (WHIT) over Mathew Padanilam (SJJ) (Fall 5:00)

St. John’s Jesuit 61, Clay “B” 6
106: Timothy Marshall (SJJ) over Riley Hoffman (CLOR) (Fall 5:08)
113: Jeff Williams (SJJ) over Michael Handy (CLOR) (Dec 4-2)
120: Trevin Dickerson (SJJ) over Brandon Hardy (CLOR) (Fall 3:00)
126: James Turner (SJJ) over Robert Kimbrell (CLOR) (Fall 0:56)
132: Brendon O`Brien (SJJ) over Nathan Burning (CLOR) (Dec 5-2)
138: Rick Currey (SJJ) over Ryan Joldrichsen (CLOR) (Dec 12-7)
145: Ryan Almester (SJJ) over   (CLOR) (For.)
152: AJ Savona (SJJ) over Shawn Rank (CLOR) (Dec 11-8)
160: Ivol Caudill (SJJ) over Hunter McNutt (CLOR) (MD 12-2)
170: Michael Halka (CLOR) over Kyle Kelley (SJJ) (Fall 0:45)
182: Andrew Jewell (SJJ) over Michael Nottage (CLOR) (Fall 0:45)
195: Hunter Baum (SJJ) over   (CLOR) (For.)
220: Branden Jackson (SJJ) over Beau Purtee (CLOR) (Fall 0:45)
285: Mathew Padanilam (SJJ) over Nick Daly (CLOR) (Dec 6-3)

Fremont Ross 30, Findlay 28

12/9 Boys Basketball Scores

trac_boysbasketball_150Waite 54 Clay 48
Wapakoneta 50 Lima Senior 49
Start 63 St. Francis de Sales 60

12/9 Swimming & Diving Results

St. John’s Jesuit at Wauseon

Notre Dame Academy at Wauseon

2014 TRAC Football All-Conference Teams

trac_football_150TRAC Co-Offensive Players of the Year: Lamar Carswell, Senior – St. Francis de Sales & Ruben Flowers, Junior – Lima Senior
TRAC Defensive Player of the Year: Colin Kaucher, Senior – Central Catholic
TRAC Coach of the Year: Greg Dempsey – Central Catholic


Darius Gordon, Junior – Lima Senior

Running Backs
Michael Warren, Sophomore – Central Catholic
Juniel Liles, Senior – Lima Senior
Lamar Carswell, Senior – St. Francis de Sales

Jermiah Braswell, Senior – Central Catholic
Grant Niswander, Senior – Findlay
Jeffery Barnett, Senior – Fremont Ross
Ruben Flowers, Junior – Lima Senior
Max McCormick, Senior – St. John’s Jesuit

Tight End
Zamon Paris, Junior – Whitmer

Ramone Miles, Senior – Central Catholic
Christian Ward, Senior – Central Catholic
Andrew Dymarkowski, Senior – St. Francis de Sales
Sean Rattay, Junior – St. John’s Jesuit
Kobee Houghtlen, Junior – Whitmer

Place Kicker
Grant McKinniss, Junior – Findlay


Christian Ward, Senior – Central Catholic
Ian Meacham, Junior – Central Catholic
Garrett Hausman, Senior – Fremont Ross
Malik Townsend, Senior – Lima Senior

Colin Kaucher, Senior – Central Catholic
Charles Smith, Senior – Central Catholic
Sam Siampaus, Senior – Findlay
Marquis Graham, Senior – Lima Senior

Defensive Backs
Jermiah Braswell, Senior – Central Catholic
Nick Kiffmeyer, Senior – Findlay
Jaden Walker, Sophomore – Lima Senior
Tevin Walker, Sophomore – St. Francis de Sales

Return Specialists
Jeffery Barnett, Senior – Fremont Ross

Grant McKinniss, Junior – Findlay


Marcus Winters, Senior – Central Catholic

Running Backs
Emmanuel Mogolu, Junior – Findlay
Malik Moore, Sophomore – Whitmer

Marquis Graham, Senior – Lima Senior
Casino Stacker, Senior – Whitmer

Tight End
Blaze Okey, Senior – Clay

Jake Nowak, Senior – Central Catholic
Sam Iliff, Senior – Findlay
Alec Carnicom, Senior – Fremont Ross
Darius Cousey, Senior – Lima Senior
Luke Ketterman, Senior – St. Francis de Sales
Zach Miller, Senior – Whitmer

Place Kicker
Alex Ehora, Senior – Lima Senior


James Hudson, Sophomore – Central Catholic
Chase Hoerig, Senior – Findlay
Doryin Thames, Senior – Findlay
Terrill Minor, Senior – Lima Senior
Hayden Graham, Junior – Whitmer

Desmond Lino, Senior – Findlay
Ben Root, Senior – Fremont Ross
Tyler Schell, Junior – Fremont Ross

Defensive Backs
Keith Smith, Junior – Central Catholic
Stephon Campbell, Senior – Central Catholic
Lorenzo Levally, Junior – Clay
Jamel Bell, Senior – Whitmer

Return Specialist
Casino Stacker, Senior – Whitmer

Zach Hoover, Junior – Central Catholic

Lucas Beauch – Central Catholic
Ryan Keister – Central Catholic
Javian Martin – Central Catholic
Jerry Moore – Central Catholic
Ke’Shaun Phillips – Central Catholic
Zach Sandwisch – Central Catholic
Tre’Von Wade – Central Catholic
Brock Belinske – Clay
Ryan Fournier – Clay
Josh Harrison – Clay
Joe Kiss – Clay
Alec Kulwicki – Clay
Aaron Seymour – Clay
Grant Wend – Clay
Joe Hammond – Findlay
Brandon Muehl – Findlay
Kyle Nunn – Findlay
Jose Ochoa – Findlay
Tyler Grine – Fremont Ross
Jerran Hampton – Fremont Ross
Uriah Haun – Fremont Ross
Traylin Richardson – Fremont Ross
Patrick Rusher – Fremont Ross
Jalen Slick – Fremont Ross
Russ Yeast – Fremont Ross
Demontay Liles – Lima Senior
Rico Stafford – Lima Senior
Jaylin Thomas – Lima Senior
Khiry Smith-Williams – Lima Senior
Ilias Wright – Lima Senior
Luke Bockbrader – St. Francis de Sales
Dontay Ellison – St. Francis de Sales
C.J. Fagan – St. Francis de Sales
Ted Gardner – St. Francis de Sales
Matthew Prater – St. Francis de Sales
Lonnie Wyse – St. Francis de Sales
Tycen Anderson – St. John’s Jesuit
Hunter Baum – St. John’s Jesuit
Jonathan Friesner – St. John’s Jesuit
Larry Glover – St. John’s Jesuit
Dan Joyce – St. John’s Jesuit
Corey Pargo – St. John’s Jesuit
Matt Winzeler – St. John’s Jesuit
Coy Bacon – Whitmer
Keenan Baker – Whitmer
Chase Bodeman – Whitmer
Elijah Elliott – Whitmer
Kyle Evanoff – Whitmer
Phil Hoskins – Whitmer
Mike Rickard – Whitmer
Tyler Smith – Whitmer